Robbie Dean Press is a publishing company proud to say its people are determined to make a difference!

Robbie Dean Press (RDP) is a traditional publisher that has every work submitted to a board of review.

Robbie Dean Press has been in Business Since 1991

Our focus is on college texts and/or manuscripts with unique subject matter.


We are capable of publishing your classroom materials to your specifications.  We arrange all publishing dates around your schedule.


We like to have as much manuscript material as possible in order to accurately assess the potential of your book.  Feel free to review some titles we have produced.

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We want to work with you to publish your own material with Robbie Dean Press.  Do you have a unique idea?

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Announcing an Exciting Subsidiary…

Robbie Dean Press can now offer the same extensive marketing and distribution services to self-publishers and smaller publishing companies that it has provided for its own traditional publications. It does this through its innovative subsidiary company— (MANA).

MANA is a web portal for the publishing industry that not only provides an affordable “bookshelf” for authors, but also offers a stimulating experience that even the bookstores can’t match while putting money back in the pocket of the authors.

Online Resource for All Teachers

Announcing Our Brand New Educational Resource, Photos, Podcasts, Grammar Exercises, Poetry Readings, A Literary Journal, Excerpts from Books, Research Sources, APA and MLA guidelines, AND MORE!