A Soldier’s Poetic Response, A Slice of His Life…

A Soldier’s Poetic Response, A Slice of His Life…
By Captain Adrian D. Massey

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About This Book

The best way to describe this book of poetry is to let the works accomplish this task. It should be very apparent that this poet reflects not only about his role as a soldier but that as a friend and as a person of the world.

Carousels are filled
with intricate detail:
blue colors, red colors, green—
—all Colors
Carousels liken unto life:
—Moving Up
—Moving Down
a wonder when observed,
a joy, even, if you relax and enjoy
the ride.
—Listen to that music,
—Hold on to that bar;


Existential complexity of mine—
literally, of mind.
Life is what you
make it.
The mind is where you are, or
where you want to be.

This Iraq sand is golden, the sky
a violet and blue-brushed
watercolor reality.

Tensioins, slight and warlike
ride the air;
all is unknown.

Yet we are optimistic, and living
with smiles and the stain of emotions
on hearts, from loved ones left behind.

We are of all shades, cultures,
and minds, existing while seeking
more living.
We are soldiers.

I am a soldier
in an existential state
of mind. Still breathing,
still dreaming, mentally
escaping, continually, loving—
and I will be
home soon.


(For CPT Terrance Wright, 1LT Jeremy Wolfe, and our Fallen Comrades)

Having been a witness at the windows of your soul,
where we shared goals, dreams, and life
stories, I listened to you speaking of wanting
to marry and have children. I watched
your silent faith speak volumes. Having been
even prepared for war, no one is prepared to lose
a friend and comrade like this.
Although your journey shortened, a Soldier’s soul never dies.
A flag is folded for you, and the bugle’s tone vibrates
similar to your spirit in the air; it never ceases, always plays.
You are remembered and respected
as I pray for you, having been a witness
at the windows of your soul.
Tears run sharply down
my face and theirs, my hand goes sharply up,
fingers to the corner of my right brow.
Young paratrooper, you are remembered.

These three poems are very different in style. The messages touch on different facets of life, a light of light-heartedness, provocative reflection, and respectful tribute to those who have passed. The poetry by Captain Adrian D. Massey is not all the same—not the messages or style. This collection of poetry is a fine representation of the new poetry of the 21st century—bold, unpatterned, and, still, full of provocative messages.


Author’s Corner

Adrian D. Massey is a Captain in the U.S. Army. Writing became his first love since he has been in the military. During his first deployment to Iraq, he became even more close to his pen. He wrote the majority of the poetry in this book during that first deployment. Captain Massey grew up in Inkster, MI, was an associate minister in a small pentecostal chruch, and graduated from Eastern Michigan University. Currently, he is engaged in his second deployment in Iraq. He sees some of his poetry as “edgy.” However, he makes it very clear that he is committed to the Soldiers and serves proudly.