Meta-tations: A Book of Mental Meanderings

Meta-tations: A Book of Mental Meanderings
by Jerry L. Curtis, Ph.D.

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ISBN:  1-889743-41-0

About This Book

Table of Contents:


Chapter One—About Art 1-8

Chapter Two—Change 9-18

Chapter Three—Earth 19-24

Chapter Four—Humor 25-32

Chapter Five—Illusion 33-42

Chapter Six—Love 43-48

Chapter Seven柚e & Thee 49-56

Chapter Eight涌ccidentalisms 57-64

Chapter Nine涌rientalisms 65-86

About The Author

Dr. Curtis has devoted his his career to helping students appreciate language and literature. His area of expertise is the understanding of the French novel and theatre. He also has studied Italian literature and composition. His understanding of the literature, culture, and history of the French and Italians has afforded him a unique insight in the development of people of different cultures. He has a unique perspective on life. He demonstrates this in his work with his poetry. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of French and Italian at The Ohio State University