Your Remarkable Anatomy

Your Remarkable Anatomy An Overview for Health Professionals, Students, And the General Public.
by Dr Don Lowell Fisher

ISBN: 1-889743-01-1
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“This book was obviously written by a person who has a fascination and respect for the workings of the human body. Anybody who is fascinated with the human body or has a question about it will find this book quite helpful.
“This book would be helpful for anyone taking Gross Anatomy. In addition, possibly, this book should be sent with an admissions packet for those entering medical school. Then, Gross Anatomy would be considerably easier.”
–Terri L. Johnson, M.D., Senior Staff Physician, Dept. of Pathology, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI

About The Book

This well-illustrated book provides focused discussions about the anatomy. For the patient needing to understand why some parts of his/her body are not functioning, this book provides this information. For the student needing a clear supplementary anatomy text, this book is perfect. For professionals wishing to review some aspect of the anatomy, without having to read through a tome’s labyrinth, Your Remarkable Anatomy is the “must have” reference.

Chapters cover information about and illustrations (29) of the newborn, upper and lower extremities of the body, the heart, brain, nose, ears, and more. This work, also, contains an extensive glossary of terms.

List of Some of Illustrations Contained
Fig. 1 The Placental Barrier
Fig. 5 Elbow of a 12 year-old
Fig. 6 Elbow of an Adult
Fig. 7 Creases of the Hand
Fig. 11 The Human Heart
Fig. 12 Muscles of the Larynx
Fig. 13 The Larynx
Fig. 18 The Brain
Fig. 23 Inguinal Hernia
Fig. 27 The Knee Joint
Fig. 28 Bones of the Foot


Author’s Corner


Dr. Don Lowell Fisher is more than a man who earned a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1971. Dr. Fisher is more than a man who has received numerous awards, including the Kaiser Permanente Award as the outstanding teacher of the basic sciences in the Medical School of the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor. Dr. Don Lowell Fisher is a man who is passionate about teaching people about the human body. For over twenty years, he has inspired medical and dental students. Even after many years as a quadriplegic, he is at work everyday, sharing his enthusiasm with students. He hopes that any person who reads this book will “take care of your bodies, and have some fun doing it.”