Poems of the Spirit: In God’s Hands

Poems of the Spirit:  In God’s Hands
By Prophetess Shirley Barnett

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A Little About the Book

This book is made up of a collection of poems on various aspects of life.  One does not have to be of any particular religion to appreciate these works. They speak to the spirit of its readers. The messages help the body get through the challenges of daily life.

We Will Survive

There are times when we feel we are all alone,
When things have gone wrong in our once perfect home.

We must look to God our Father for encouragement,
As we strive for daily survival in our world of commitment.

Do we give up and throw our life’s work away,
Or do we settle back and let God have His way?

It does not matter what price we may one day pay,
We know God has a hand in it to make it His way.

Fear not, my friends, of what tomorrow may bring,
God has full control and will bring us out of anything.

It does not matter what time of the hour it seems to be,
God sits on his throne and listens to His children He sees.

He always knows just how much we can bear,
But, He always gives us friends who really care.

It does not matter what heartaches we carry today,
God always sits and listens as He guides us on our way.

Our answers may not come just as we so desire,
But, Our Father knows our needs and heals us with compassion of fire.

Do not ever give up the ship that is still afloat,
Jesus will come to us when it’s time to give up hope.

We must often stop and give a minute of our precious time,
To give Holy praises to our Father who has been so very kind.


I know He hears us when we faithfully pray,
He has to hear us; He is safely guiding our way.

God will help us as we travel down our long, painful road,
He knows our burdens and will always balance out our load.

We must keep our faith in God’s heavenly powers,
And let His angels minister to us in those delicate hours.

Keep your eyes focused toward God’s heavenly sky.
You might feel the presence of His Holy Spirit passing by.

We will all face at least one struggle within this era of time,
But, God will surely return for all Christians He left behind.

It does not matter what pains we give to Him on high,
We know God will help us survive because He’s standing by.

While we struggle through many battles to stay constantly revived,
We won’t give up the fight; we will SURVIVE!

About the Author

Shirley J. F. Barnett is a seasoned educator and motivational speaker. She has astounded audiences with a keen, insightful, prophetic gift.

Shirley Barnett was born in a small town in Mississippi and was raised in Monticello, Mississippi. She graduated first in her class from McCullough High School. She continued her education at Jackson State University. She later earned a Masters degree and has done post-graduate work toward a doctoral degree in Special Education.

Ms. Barnett is committed to education. She has taught for more than twenty-five years. Her teaching career began in the Lawrence County Public Schools in Mississippi. She has been a teacher in the Flint Public School System for over twenty years. She has been nominated for Who’s Who Among American Teachers. She is  certified in  E.I., L.D., and E.M.I.

Beyond her educational career, she is a member of other key organizations that serve the public. She is an Eastern Star. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She is a member of Bountiful Love Church of God and Christ. She is the founder of Hope Outreach Ministries. She appears on a television program, “Purity,” on Cable 17 in the Flint area.

Prior to this book, Ms. Barnett has had her poetry published. They have appeared in Boundless Journey and Perceptions in Harmony. “The Crucifixion” has appeared in a brochure.

Ms. Barnett is a wife,  mother of three, and the daughter of a loving family. Ms. Barnett’s prayer partner best describes Shirley J. F. Barnett as a woman with a broad scope that “has afforded her the experience and privilege of enlightening both young and old along the path of their final destiny.”